The following files are available for download. You can use the checksum and signatures files to verify the integrity of the files.

Mobile Phone Security for Activists and Agitators

This zine goes into detail about mobile phone surveillance and the most common and effective countermeasures against it. Popular misconceptions and urban legends are addressed to help ensure that our threat models are OpSec are based on reality. This zine is suitable for everyone involved in social movements.

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What the Corona Virus Pandemic Can Teach Us About Security Culture

This is short zine that compares our experiences in adapting to the threat of the novel corona virus with how we approach security culture as a means of resisting State repression.

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Download the files you want, import the PGP key, and verify the downloads. You can use the following script.

set -euo pipefail
trap "echo 'Something went wrong! Download not verified!'" EXIT

for file in pandemic-security.pdf pandemic-security.pdf.sig; do
    wget "$file"

wget -O - | gpg2 --import

# on success, the output will include the text
#     Good signature from "Håkan Geijer "
gpg2 --verify-files pandemic-security.pdf.sig

echo ''
echo 'Download successfully verified.'
echo ''
trap - EXIT